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Exclusive Airport Transfers? Look No Further.

When you’re heading to Australia for corporate or vacation purposes, transferring from the airport to your hotel can be a bit of a minefield. This holds true for tourists, especially for first-time visitors. Apart from the likelihood of waiting in long queues, you might also need to brave the city traffic during the peak hours.

Luckily for you, Mid-City Airport Transfers can come to your rescue. We are a people transfer company servicing clients throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. Our company takes pride in offering EXCLUSIVE, NON-SHARE RIDES that provide the total convenience and safety that you need when traveling to or from the following:

  • Airports
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Cruise Terminals
  • Hotels and Backpackers
  • Private Houses
  • Sporting Events
  • Tourist Attractions
  • And More…

Book Transfer Services to Suit Your Needs

There’s nothing quite like the comfort that comes from knowing you don’t need to worry about a thing whilst traveling. Want an exclusive transfer with no stopping from hotel to hotel? Book our non-share rides. Need an airport shuttle that can accommodate your entire team? Our vans and buses have room for up to 11 passengers.

What’s more, you can even request to book our intercity or hourly charters if you want to keep your travel costs down. Simply let us know what you want and it will readily be available for your disposal.

Enjoy Our Savvy Dispatch System and Save More

Public transit, driving around the city or finding a parking lot are things of the past when you book a shared ride. It’s more economical than a limousine or taxi service and even more convenient than public transportation.

Worried about the multiple stops that can delay the ride? Our savvy dispatch system is the answer to your problem. We group passengers by geographic area, so expect the rides to be as fast and smooth as possible. Above everything, we offer best price guarantee with no surge pricing. Indeed, transfers have never been this efficient and affordable.

Leave the Matter in Our Drivers’ Hands

At Mid-City Airport Transfers, your safety is of utmost priority. Therefore, we employ professional, insured drivers to drive you around the regions in a safe and secure manner. This way, you can just sit back and relax throughout the entire ride and prepare yourself for the adventure ahead.

Talk to Us Anytime

Got questions and concerns about our services? Our lines are open 24/7, so feel free to give us a call at 0430 287 793 or (07) 5580 3593 anytime. Once they receive your call, our friendly customer support representatives will attend to your needs shortly.

Mid-City Airport Transfer is a people transfer company offering services to customers throughout Gold Coast and Brisbane region. We offer transfers to both airports, hotels and backpackers, private houses, cruise terminals, tourist attractions, conferences, concerts and sporting events. Offering a premier airport and theme park transfer, we are able to provide you the an affordable service integrated with a great value price. Our goal is to make your travel experience as affordable, reliable, and safe as possible. We offer service from/to your Hotel/Hostel on the Gold Coast and Brisbane area to transport you to/from GC and Brisbane on a NON-SHARE RIDE. Exclusive service. No stopping at all the hotels in town! Mid-city is the best option for you, cheap and reliable transfer on the Gold Coast. Offer transportation to your associates to get to work early morning and get back to the origin point at the end of the day. Let them sit and relax, we drive! We provide a safe and efficient Gold Coast and Brisbane Airport shuttle service, needed to manage and perform our daily business putting first our customers shuttle needs and safe transportation to Gold Coast Airport, Brisbane Airport, Theme parks or any other destination in the SouthEast Queensland area . Cheap and Reliable Airport Shuttle Ride: With our roomy and comfortable vans/buses there will be room for all and everything. We can accommodate up t o 11 passengers in our vans, be it for a Airport/Theme Park shuttle service or any other service as inter city charters, and hourly charters. Simply let us know the type of shuttle you need. Call Us Anytime for more information: 0430 287 793 or (07) 5580 3593 Our service is more convenient than lugging bags through public transit or driving and parking at the airport, with prices that are generally more economical than a limo or taxi or even public transport. You save money by exchanging some of your time and a shared ride with others. To minimize the number of stops, our savvy dispatch system groups passengers by geographic area, so trips are as efficient as possible. Ride with us and enjoy more benefits, including: Professional, insured drivers. No surge pricing 24-hour call center and customer support Best price guarantee.
  ABN: 59857194459 Accreditation: 900499127